WMA News Recap — Oct. 8, 2018


A large vehicle — an SUV or a truck — may reduce the chance of occupant death in a collision, but they do increase the risk to everyone else. At the University of California, San Diego, one study estimates that for each life saved by these larger vehicles, 4.3 other people are killed. Obviously, large vehicles are needed, but this has implications for auto insurers.

Common Sleep Disorders that May Affect the Workplace


  • There are numerous sleeping disorders and other issues that may have an impact on the workplace, leading to lowered productivity and an increased risk to your employees’ health
  • Employers should watch for the symptoms and encourage good sleep habits
  • There may be various accommodations employers can make to reduce the chance of sleep disorders, but there are times where additional help is needed to resolve issues

The Importance of Sleep for a Healthy Workplace

When your employees aren’t getting enough sleep, productivity suffers and the risk of an accident goes up. In dangerous occupations, such as those where employees are trusted to operate heavy machinery, or in the trucking industry, for instance, the consequences can be costly — and deadly — when an employee makes a mistake stemming from their lack of sleep.

WMA News Recap — Oct. 1, 2018


What would a more professionally regulated health and safety profession mean for your workplace? There are calls within the profession to move toward a more regulated status away from the current situation of a multitude of safety designations and certifications and a lack of a unifying and universally recognised authority.

WMA News Recap — Sep. 24, 2018


The Ontario Superior Court of Justice found that Manitoba Public Insurance was liable in an automobile incident in Ontario, even though the insured had not been paying premiums, and had failed to register their vehicle in Ontario after moving there.

Sleep Deprivation is a Major Contributor to Trucking Accidents — What are You Doing to Prevent It?

  • Tight deadlines and long distances mean truckers routinely drive with sleep deprivation
  • The effects of sleep deprivation increase risk of accident enormously
  • Sleep deprivation can be related to sleep disorders
  • Employers should understand their role in reducing risk and preventing accidents

The Trucking Industry is the Number One Source of WCB Claims in Alberta

That’s a worrying stat if you’re an employer. There’s money on the line, your company’s reputation, your equipment — and not least of all, the health of your employees.

WMA News Recap - Sep. 17, 2018


Personal injury lawyers might be interested to know that a climate- change-related increase in extreme weather could cause a spike in traffic accidents. Driving becomes more dangerous in poor weather as drivers suffer a host of obstacles — and may not be aware of the risk of hydroplaning and following too closely, along with the necessity of slowing down gradually. 

What to do with an Employee with Sleep Apnea


Having a full night’s rest is a lot more important than many people give it credit for. We recently covered the effects of sleep deprivation and how they can affect performance at work. But one specific sleeping disorder that you may want to give a closer look is sleep apnea.

The dangers of Sleep Deprivation in the Workplace


Going without an hour of sleep here or there, workers can learn to just persevere. They may even take pride in it. The dedicated worker pulling an all-nighter, the hero pulling a double shift to cover an absence — foregoing sleep in favour of work is often celebrated and glorified.

WMA News Recap - Sep. 10, 2018


New research has found a link between a prescription painkiller and a boosted risk of cardiovascular disorders. This research suggests that diclofenac, a widely available anti-inflammatory, should not be so freely available, and that usage be reduced.

A case in Newfoundland and Labrador involving the reinstatement of an employee fired after having failed a drug test is instructive to any industry where drug testing is vital. The Court of Appeal found that the reinstatement, in the absence of a link between the drug use and a specific incident, was reasonable.

A recent blog explores the effect of commerce law on claims adjusting. Many companies find themselves in the position where it’s easier to bring an American adjuster in than a Canadian across provincial boundaries, due to provincial trade barriers from industry regulations. With NAFTA’s future in question, this is an issue to be aware of.

WMA News Recap — Sep 3, 2018


Mental health disability costs can rise higher than with physical disabilities. Given that, employers should play a proactive role in promoting good mental health among their employees. Pick up some tips here and employ them to help reduce absenteeism. 

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