WEBINAR - November 8: Driver Addictions, Low Back Pain & Fatigue — A Roadmap for Best Practices in Disability Management

Aug 29, 2018

AdobeStock_120256454Employee absenteeism costs the Canadian economy more than $17 billion per year. As the number one source of WCB disability claims in Alberta is the motor transport industry, chances are this affects you.

Many other physically demanding industries have significantly mitigated their occupational injuries — and their excessive insurance premium costs — so you might be wondering what you can do to get those numbers down. 

Dr. Roger Hodkinson, widely regarded as one of Canada’s foremost experts on disability management, has the answer. In his November 8 Webinar, A Roadmap for Best Practices in Disability Management, he will explain how an increasing number of major employers are strategically using medical assessment tools such as Independent Medical Examinations, document reviews, and Functional Capacity Examinations to validate claims and expedite employees’ safe return to work (RTW) — with especial reference to the trucking industry. 

This FREE Webinar will discuss:

  • Upcoming marijuana legislation, the over-prescription of opioids and the importance of evidence-based treatment;
  • The causes and treatments of Low Back Pain (which is responsible for about half of all missed workdays), and how LBP is evaluated and prevented;
  • The importance of sleep hygiene and other factors affecting sleep impairment (which Transport Canada says is responsible for 20 per cent of all fatal collisions in Canada).

This is an unprecedented opportunity to get a lot of practical advice on reducing costs while maintaining a healthier workforce. Audiences across Alberta always enjoy Dr. Hodkinson’s humour, intellectual honesty and invaluable insights from 40 years of medicine.

Make sure you don’t miss this webinar if you want your truck drivers back at work safely while saving the company money. If you need some information right now, you can get some answers about speeding up the Return to Work process here.

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