How to choose an expert medical witness


The contentious thing at the heart of a personal injury case is often the injury itself. How severe is it? Has it been mischaracterised by either side? Could bias be colouring the presentation of the issue?

Independent Medical Examinations in the Return to Work Process


If you’re an employer with an employee absent due to a medical issue, you may be frustrated trying to understand when they’ll be back, up to speed, and comfortable in their role.

Mental Illnesses: When do disability benefits apply?


Mental illness can have just as powerful an effect on a worker’s ability to perform as a physical disability, but with the added complication of generally not having an obvious visual element: such as a broken leg.

Injury and illness workplace absence: Q & A for Employers


An accident happens, and an employee goes on long term disability. It’s in everyone’s interest to ensure an expedient but safe return to work where possible, but employers may have questions about what this means and what their obligations are.

WMA Welcomes Sales Executive Beverley Phillip


Western Medical Assessments is pleased to announce and welcome Beverley Phillip as our newest Sales Executive.