How Disability Insurers can get Reliable Information

Need a helping hand on that tough disability benefits claim? Your solutions lie in this eBook: Independent Medical Advice for Disability Insurers.

In it, we explain everything you need to know about how independent medical advice helps disability insurers make better, evidence-based decisions.

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eBook Contents:
  • What Independent Medical Examinations are, and how they can make all the difference in disability claims
  • How claimants can be led down a path of needless treatment and claims — and how to avoid it
  • How to navigate the difficulties of somatoform disorders (when a patient has complaints without objective disease)
  • The single most valuable thing a disability insurer can do to ensure they’re making the right decisions

Interested in learning more about how independent medical advice could be the difference between a timely, authoritative decision or an appeals process dragging out months — or more? Get the eBook here.

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