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How Employers and Employees Alike Beat the Medicalization  Conundrum

Medicalization elevates non-medical issues to the status of medical problems, leading people to believe their medical state is worse than it is.

They get caught in a treatment trap, which all-too-often ends a permanent disability that keeps them off work for good. 



Experience lower quality of life through a perceived disability

Miss out on income they would otherwise earn

Become dependent on the medical system

Suffer needlessly with conditions never objectively proven




Can lose valuable, experienced workers

Must deal with the uncertainty of missed return to work dates and nebulous explanations

May find legal costs escalating as a matter potentially moves through the courts

May find operational costs escalating as they struggle to compensate for the absence


Don’t just let this happen!


Through our eBook, learn about what medicalization is, some examples of things to watch out for, and the help you need to actually start dealing with the issue — saving the company money and helping the employee escape a dangerous system.