Get the Clarity Employers Need

Sometimes, a return to work is easy. Other times, what you really need is an Independent Medical Examination (IME). They can be an employer’s most vital tool in ensuring a safe, healthy, and faster return to work.

This eBook, the Employer’s Return to Work Handbook, is all about IMEs and how they help in the safe return to work process.

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eBook Contents:
  • Obtain clarity on the medical issue at the heart of the absence
  • Gain insight on an appropriate return to work date and understand your responsibilities and opportunities to accommodate
  • The truth about unnecessary and unhelpful treatment threatening to medicalize your employee
  • Reduce the chance of an absent employee never returning to work
  • Prevent and minimize costs associated with the absence (including expensive legal issues!) 

It’s a comprehensive look at the return to work challenges employers commonly face — and the Independent Medical Examination solutions that can help navigate you through them. Get it here, now!

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